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Droopy Tip Nose Bump/Crooked Nose Before Scooped Nose Before Bulbous Tip Before Flat/Wide Nose Before Assymetrical Nose Before
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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Alexander Rivkin

Our chief clinical officer is Dr. Rivkin. A current Associate Clinical professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, he has over 25+ years of experience in private practice.

As part of several clinical advisory board Rivkin has his finger on the pulse of the latest tools and products within the industry. Together, they're transforming the field.


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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. The procedure usually involves breaking the nasal bones with special instruments in order for the surgeon to reshape the nose, as well as removing or replacing cartilage as needed. A splint is generally placed for five or more days after the procedure, and there is usually considerable swelling and bruising for several weeks. Final results are evident after one year. The cost of rhinoplasty ranges from $8,000 to $20,000.

Dr. Rivkin’s signature technique for NSNJ is minimally invasive and can be performed in the clinic, using topical numbing. Dr. Rivkin utilizes injectable fillers to correct nasal deformities, improve the shape and restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose. The procedure takes from 5 minutes in most cases, there is no downtime or swelling, results are evident right away and cost is a fraction of the price of traditional surgery.
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a mostly painless injection procedure, which takes about 5 minutes to perform in the clinic. Developed and refined in Los Angeles by Dr. Alexander Rivkin, the procedure helps improve the appearance of the nose without surgery. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a safe and simple reshaping procedure that uses advanced facial fillers, such as Voluma, Lyft (for a long lasting, reversible result) or Bellafill (for a permanent result). Although Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cannot shrink a nose, the injection procedure can camouflage a bump, raise a droopy tip or fill in depressions and asymmetries to make the nose as smooth and straight as possible. A smooth and straight nose looks significantly smaller because it blends in to the rest of the face. Results are immediate and there is no swelling or downtime. Contact us for more information.
The permanent Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure is accomplished using an FDA Approved Filler, a methyl methacrylate (PMMA) based filler. PMMA is a safe material that has been used successfully in surgery for over 50 years. The FDA Approved Filler contains bovine collagen as a carrier, so a skin test is required prior to injection to make sure that you are not allergic. Allergy is very rare. The permanent procedure is performed similarly to the temporary one, except that patients have to understand that Permanent Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is a bit of a commitment. Undergoing rhinoplasty surgery after a permanent injection is not a good idea.
At your consultation visit, Dr. Rivkin carefully evaluates the form, function, structure and aesthetics of the nose to determine the best possible treatment plan for each individual patient. He will ask you what you do not like about your nose and what you want to change or improve. Dr. Rivkin will also take into consideration all of your facial features – including your chin, jawline, cheekbones, forehead and upper lip position – to create a harmonious result. Together, you and Dr. Rivkin will decide the goals of your unique NSNJ procedure and which dermal filler is right for you, based on your personal preferences and goals.
The filler material used to perform the temporary NSNJ will not move from one place to the other or lump up inside the tissues of the nose. When hyaluronic acid dissolves, it comes down symmetrically and very gradually. Hyaluronic acid is broken down naturally in the body and excreted, leaving no trace.

This procedure generally does not cause any kind of swelling or bruising and patients can usually go back for work immediately afterwards.
Results with Voluma last a year to two years.

Results with Bellafill are permanent, but because your tissues change and often thin over time, you may need a touch up after seven to ten years.
Non Surgical Nose Jobs (NSNJs) offer patients a way to correct only the aspects of their nose that bother them without changing their overall look. Dr. Rivkin customizes his non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure for every patient so that no two noses are approached in the same way. He believes that each nose should be appropriate for the individual patient’s facial type and structure, age, body size, gender and ethnic background. Clear communication is the key to understanding what parts of the nose you want to correct and what parts you would like to leave alone.
Experience is the most important consideration in selecting a doctor for any cosmetic procedure. Experience is critical to quality of the results as well as safety or avoidance of side effects. As the pioneer of this procedure, Dr. Rivkin has been performing NSNJ in his clinic for 18 years and he has successfully treated thousands of patients. TrueNose's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rivkin, is known as the global authority on this procedure and lectures and trains other doctors on the technique all over the world.
Absolutely. About half of the NSNJ procedures Dr. Rivkin performs are on patients who have had surgical rhinoplasty in the past.

If the results of your rhinoplasty surgery are anything less than ideal, you can reshape your nose safely and effectively with NSNJ. Most patients are hesitant about going under the knife again. They understand that revision rhinoplasty surgery is significantly riskier and the chances of success are less than with the primary procedure. The recovery process is, on average, longer and the cost is about double that of the initial procedure.

The post rhinoplasty NSNJ procedure is a similarly precise, careful series of injections that is individualized to your specific needs. Dr. Rivkin is extremely careful to make sure that the somewhat delicate post surgical tissue of the nose is never damaged during the procedure.

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